Electro Swing World Stream Tour #1

Pièffe Dj aka Francesco Palmieri 1 July 2020

Hi Electro Swingers! Every Week, starting from month of July, we will re-propose all the live broadcasts shared with the best Dj’s in the world, to keep you happy during the summer.

Pièffe aka Francesco Palmieri
Electro Swing World Stream Tour
01/07 Pièffe and Björn Jochimsen (Germany)
08/07 Pièffe and Nigel Be (UK)
15/07 Pièffe and Baron von Gramophon (Russia)
22/07 Pièffe and Tony Wellin (Italy)
29/07 Pièffe and Björn Jochimsen (Germany)
05/08 Pièffe and Captain Smash (UK)
12/08 Pièffe and DJ FARRAPO (Italy)
19/08 Pièffe and Emma Clair (UK)
26/08 Pièffe and Björn Jochimsen (Germany)
02/09 Pièffe and Yabloko Moloko (Argentina)
09/09 Pièffe and 牧野雅己 – Masami Makino (Japan)
16/09 Pièffe and Björn Jochimsen (Germany)

Every Week a World Electro Swing Dj will share his music with Pièffe Dj aka Francesco Palmieri for an hour of joy.

Listen to 09:00 PM:

Thanks Friends: Electro Swing Thing

This Week:

Björn Jochimsen is a DJ and producer from Remscheid in Germany, near Cologne. He has been working as a DJ at various events for more than 20 years.

He was interested in electronic dance music from an early age. What was trance, dance and hands-up in the beginning changed over the years to house / EDM music. When he discovered electro swing a few years ago, his passion for this genre was sparked in him.

Inspired by Wolfgang Lohr, Emma Clair, Varrick Frost, Phos Toni or Toni Wellin, he regularly releases electro swing / swing house mixes to make the genre more popular and to get more people excited about it.

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